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What is Data Recording?

This document describes what is Kronometrix Data Recording.

A simple and efficient set of data recorders and transport utilities for IoT, ICT enterprise, weather and environment, designed to record top essential performance metrics, save raw data and send it for analysis.


  • CPU: x64, ARMv8
  • Memory: 32 MB RAM
  • Storage: 128 MB, 750KB per day / data source
  • SBC: Raspberry PI 3B, 3B+

Key Features

  • Support for raw data
  • Industrial IoT readiness
  • Conservative in CPU and memory usage on different architectures
  • Easy to change or add new data recorders to collect new data
  • Runs without human intervention, easy to detect data transmission problems
  • Fetch data from any system, device, sensor with support for multi-industry
  • Full control with no complicated licenses for further developments

Supported Industries

Information and Communications Technology

  • sysrec – Overall system performance data recorder
  • cpurec – Per CPU statistics data recorder
  • nicrec – Per NIC statistics data recorder
  • diskrec – Per disk statistics data recorder
  • hdwrec – System inventory data recorder
  • faultrec – Fault Management data recorder
  • jvmrec – Java VM statistics data recorder
  • snmprec – Ethernet and SAN Switch, SNMP data recorder
  • netrec – TCP, UDP data recorder
  • httprec – HTTP server statistics: NGINX, Apache, Tomcat, PHP-FPM
  • dbrec – database data recorder: MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • certrec – X.509 security certificate statistics data recorder
  • svcrec – service performance,availability: IMAP,SMTP,POP3,LDAP,DNS,TCP(Any)
  • direc – filesystem directory statistics data recorder
  • ntprec – NTP server statistics data recorder
  • smtprec – SMTP server data recorder
  • imaprec – IMAP/POP server data recorder
  • procrec – process statistics data recorder
  • webrec – web application performance,availability data recorder
  • wprec – WordPress security, performance and availability data recorder

Public Cloud Providers

  • awsrec – Amazon Web Services data recorder
  • azurec – Microsoft Azure data recorder
  • gcprec – Google Computing Platform data recorder

Industrial IoT, Weather and Environment

  • axisrec – AXIS security and video surveillance data recorder
  • bacrec – Building management BACnet data recorder
  • blrec – Bluetooth Low Energy data recorder
  • rs485rec – Industrial RS-232, RS-485, MODBUS data recorder
  • wsrec – General weather station recorder RS-232/USB

Getting Started

Please visit and get familiar how to install, setup and run Kronometrix Data Recording for your own business and applications.

Commercial products

Kronometrix Industrial IoT Gateway

For more information about Kronometrix products and services, please contact our support.

Updated on August 18, 2021

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