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Getting started

Before you start

You can use Kronometrix Data Analytics Platform as a service or on-premises installation. Explore Kronometrix using Kronometrix FREE plan to get started and capture and analyse your data. If you need more information, please visit “What You Need to Know” to learn how can you use Kronometrix for your business.


No credit cards, no invoices, no fees. Use the service using Kronometrix FREE SaaS version. Learn more how to use Kronometrix SaaS.

Provision Data

Simple and easy to record data from your systems and applications. For more information, please read How to install and setup Kronometrix Data Recording.

Visualize Data

Check instantaneous or historical data using a number of built-in applications, designed for observability and quick troubleshooting or operational management including, performance and availability reporting.


Get meaningful, actionable insights from your data. Easy to invite your team members or friends to participate and see your data. Collaborate, share ideas and work together to solve problems and improve things quickly.

Exceptional Readability

Kronometrix looks fantastic on different screen configurations, provide exceptional readability of text and images in varying ambient lighting conditions. Our built-in applications have been designed for different tasks, from operational management, to troubleshooting and observability.

More Features

From data source groups to smart alarms Kronometrix has a number of features ready to help to measure, analyze and support your business.

Smart Alarms

Kronometrix can send alarms if certain predefined conditions pertain, eliminating the typical flood of unnecessarily repetitive alarms, the bane of every on-call technical support person.

Data Groups

Group your data-sources, as your business requires: based on the role, importance, or service level agreement in order to display different essential KPIs.

UI Widgets

Embed Kronometrix user-interface controls and dashboard components to different 3rd parties portals, like Ruby, J2EE, PHP, NodeJS for real-time data visualization