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This document describes what is Kronometrix and how you can use it.

Kronometrix Data Analytics Platform

It is a unified, complete software solution, which connects to a wide variety of data sources: everything from IoT devices, ICT enterprise to weather and environment sensors. In addition to multifaceted data ingress, the platform provides high-speed transport for data consolidation, analysis and visualization in real-time. Includes the following modules:

  • data recording for IoT, ICT enterprise, weather and environment
  • transport utilities for HTTP or MQTT
  • data numerical processing, filtering, analysis and visualization

You can use Kronometrix as a service or on-premises installation. 

Kronometrix as a Service

For companies which run their entire operation on cloud, Kronometrix can be accessed using our service, Kronometrix SaaS. There are different plans to get started. No credit cards, no invoices, no fees to start provisioning your data.

For more information please check How to get started with Kronometrix SaaS.

Kronometrix On-premises

On your network

For companies and enterprises using their own internal network, Kronometrix can install on a bare-metal server or as a virtual machine, supporting several hypervisor configurations: KVM, Xen, Hyper-V, ESX or Nutanix. You can configure and deploy data recording module or use Kronometrix IoT Gateway to record data from all your systems, sensors and applications. Read more about Kronometrix on-premises.

Maximum control

You drive it. You have access to all system components, from the operator management layer to storage and data provisioning. There are no 3rd parties involved for all your data. 

Privacy and security

From data recorders to analytics, you have access to the product source code, free to check and inspect how things work, what we collect and analyze.

Key Features

  • Multi-industry support
  • Subscription based software
  • Collaboration
  • User Access Control
  • Data Recorders
  • HTTP / HTTPS Transport utility
  • Data Filters
  • Smart Alarms
  • Data Visualization
  • Raw Data access
  • Chart Analysis
  • User-interface widgets
  • Analytics dashboards

License and pricing model

Kronometrix is licensed based on the number of data-sources being used.

A data-source is defined as any system connected to a public or private network with at least one valid IPv4, IPv6 address, associated to a single Kronometrix data subscription. For example e.g. a computer system running FreeBSD or Debian operating system, an automatic weather station with an intelligent data logger, a database server, a 3D CAD workstation, a network IP camera. Learn more about Kronometrix Data Subscriptions.

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If you need more information about Kronometrix products and services, please contact our support.

Updated on June 11, 2022

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