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CloudView FAQ

Includes a short list of the most important questions and answers about Kronometrix CloudView service.

What is Kronometrix CloudView?

  • A ICT managed service for small and medium companies which run their business in cloud or private networks
  • Includes performance and availability measurements for bare-metal or virtual computer systems, web applications, and other enterprise services 
  • Bundled with a managed services option, to keep up important production services running and operational
  • Built on top of Kronometrix SaaS service, offers 3 price levels based on support and SLA
    • Standard 8×5, 24hrs SLA
    • Premium 24×7, 6hrs SLA
    • Mission Critical 24×7, 1hr SLA
  • Priced per data-source, requires annual commitment
  • Supports a range of systems and applications running Linux and UNIX operating systems
  • Designed to help different enterprises to measure, analyze and improve their ICT operations and production services using Kronometrix

What Kronometrix CloudView is not?

  • Not a software application
  • It is not a Kronometrix SaaS online plan option
  • It is not a generic consulting service
  • It is not a generic ICT support package for computer systems
  • It is not a capacity planning and management orientated ICT service¬†
  • It is not a Helpdesk service for your own ICT infrastructure including servers, applications and services
  • It is not a PC support desk, with access to spare parts and hardware components

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Kronometrix SaaS and CloudView
Kronometrix SaaS is a digital measurements service, offering Kronometrix to companies which run their business on cloud or private networks, and want to consolidate their data in a single place. Kronometrix CloudView is a managed service, built on top of Kronometrix SaaS which offers managed services and different support options in a very affordable price.

Updated on December 4, 2020

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