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How to Contact Support

This document describes how can you contact 8×5 or 24×7 Kronometrix Support

Kronometrix Support

Kronometrix Analytics offers a variety of support options for commercial companies using Kronometrix technologies, the Kronometrix Data Fabric, IoT Gateway, Kronometrix SaaS, or other Kronometrix services, from 8×5 to 24×7 with SLA or not. Please visit Kronometrix Support page to check the basic information.

Registered customers

8×5 Support

KnowAll puts the knowledge base content front and center. On the homepage, the categories are displayed. Category icons give strong visual presence to your knowledge base while presenting a clean, intuitive design.

24×7 Support

Live search makes content discoverable in seconds, meaning users can get answers quicker than ever. Tag and category search is also supported.

Software Updates

The table of contents makes navigating articles easy, it automatically detects headers in your articles and creates a navigation menu widget in the sidebar. It can be set to sticky, following the content and giving visual cues for longer articles.

Updated on December 4, 2020

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