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Data Subscriptions

This document describes what is Kronometrix Data Subscription and how you can start use it to see your data.

General Concepts

Data Source

Any system connected to a public or private network with at least one valid IPv4, IPv6 address, associated to a single Kronometrix data subscription e.g. a computer system running FreeBSD or Debian operating system, an automatic weather station, a database server, a graphical 3D CAD workstation, a network IP camera, etc.


A sub-system component, like a storage disk device, a network card, a temperature sensor which does not include or deliver any IPv4, IPv6 information and it does require a data source to properly function and operate.

Data Subscription

A collection of data sources of a certain type having a unique id (SID). Example: computer performance data subscription, end-user performance data subscription, indoor air quality data subscription. Kronometrix can handle one or many data subscriptions.

Data Message

A collection of one or many metrics, parameters specific to a data source. A data source (DS) can offer one or many data messages, which Kronometrix Analytics must process for analysis and visualisation.

Mapping Data

Using Kronometrix data subscriptions it is simple to map and group data based on the same business case and objectives. Using data recorders, we can capture the right performance metrics and transport it for analysis to one or many data subscriptions. This way, a data subscription will offer access to a series of key performance indicators to help the data analysis.

Different Subscriptions

Kronometrix Data Analytics Platform offers support for different technologies. There are different categories of data subscriptions, based on the industry type and business case:

  • ICT

    • Computer Performance 

    • End-user Service Performance

    • Application Service Providers Performance

    • Webstack Application Performance

    • Datacentres Performance

  • Environment

    • Indoor Air Quality

    • City Pollution

  • Weather

    • General Meteorology

    • Aviation Meteorology

How to create a new subscription

and create your account

The most simple way is to create your own account under Kronometrix SaaS. See here how to get started How to get started with Kronometrix SaaS. For on-premises same instructions apply, but making sure you are using your own platform installation.

Create your subscription

After you have an account you can easily create one or many data subscriptions from the main homepage. Click New subscription 

You should see after that a simple screen which offers access to different type of data subscriptions:

If you need more information about Kronometrix products and services, please contact our support.

Updated on July 25, 2022

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