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What is Kronometrix IoT Gateway?

This document describes what is Kronometrix IoT Gateway.

An automatic, simple to use, data collection and transport utility with a small system footprint, supporting raw data. It’s available for Industrial IoT, ICT enterprise, weather and environment.

Kronometrix IoT Gateway is a software package, designed for ARM architecture, single board computers, like Raspberry PI. It contains all needed components to connect, record and transport different data from ICT applications, services to IoT sensors and devices. Includes:

  • the operating system

  • data recording module

  • transport utilities and configurations

The original recorded data is temporarily stored on the gateway, for backup purposes, up to 90 days, and delivered to Kronometrix SaaS, for analysis and visualization. The gateway Includes, by default a number of data recorders, specific for different jobs and responsibilities. The recorders are light software probes running and fetching data from various sources using several communication protocols. See for more information, “What is Data Recording” document.

Based on open-source software, is simple to connect and manage, using the SSH2 standard secure communication protocol. You can use TCP or Serial connection to manage Kronometrix IoT Gateway.

Technical Specifications

HardwareRaspberry PI 3B+, 4B*
ConnectivityRS-232, RS-485, USB, RJ45, 802.11b/g/n
Sampling rateDefault 60 seconds, configurable
Realtime ClockNXP PCF2129
InstallationBootable software image compatible MicroSDXC 64GB
Kronometrix IoT Gateway Technical Specification

What are the differences between Kronometrix Data Recording and Kronometrix IoT Gateway, and why anyone would consider to purchase the IoT gateway. Please visit our Kronometrix IoT Gateway FAQ for a complete list of questions and answers about this.

License and pricing model

Kronometrix IoT Gateway is licensed based on the number of data-sources being used. For more information please visit, Kronometrix IoT Gateway product.

For more information about Kronometrix products and services, please contact our support.

Updated on June 10, 2022

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